"Psychological Scars" by Dr. Hazel A. Claiborn

Psychological scars

- Dr. hazel a. Claiborn

About thirty years ago, I got adult chicken pox and it was so painful I literally thought I was going to die. Thank god the chicken pox only covered my back and upper shoulder area, but it was really painful to sleep, bathe, and to have clothes touching the affected area.

 It felt like I was being afflicted forever but I think it only lasted a week.

  After my chicken pox scabbed, I returned to church, and I was greeted by a sister who slapped me on my shoulder and caused one of the scabbed chicken pox to burst. 

Oh my, that was the most painful greeting I have felt, and it left a scar on my back until this day.  

The scar was ugly!  I was self-conscious when wearing short sleeved blouse or any garments that revealed the scar, so I did what most people do; I hid my scar. 

This was a physical scar. It was proof that I was healed but of course, I did not see it that way. My scar had a story, but the enemy stole my story for years because he had me looking at my scar from a negative perspective. 

  There’s another kind of scar that is not physical but psychological that I want to bring to the surface in this article.

God has made the tongue with a certain type of tissue that does not leave a scar when it is torn or damaged unlike the rest of the body.

The tongue virtually repairs itself when it is damaged or hurt. 

However, the scar the tongue leaves is when we use our tongue in a tactless, unkind and devastating way! 

 For example: a husband or wife belittling one another, a mother or father speaking negative words over their child, a person spreading a lie about someone or your character being attacked by someone.

 The tongue leaves an emotional scar and emotional scars can be difficult to detect.  

Most time these emotional scars are neglected and ignored for years, which causes psychological damages and scars.

The difference between physical scars and emotional scars are physical scars are only skin deep, but emotional scars effect your emotions.

I will like to share this quote: “Satan wants to use our past to paralyze us. God wants to use our past to propel us”- Sharon Jaynes

The first step to healing emotional wounds is to recognize them and ask for counseling. Through counseling and prayer, you can be free from self-pity, low self-esteem, anger, guilt, and feelings of depression.

Prayer: lord I thank you that my scars are a proof that I have been healed in Jesus’s name!


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