Monday, May 23, 2016

A Call for the Youth & Parents

Why are You Trying to Fit In? It is often said and thought by many young people in today's time that while you're young is the time to go out, party, smoke, drink, stay out late and in other words whatever you want to do. There is a phrase that I have often heard used by youth, “YOLO” acronym meaning “you only live once” granted the statement is true, but the context in which it is used is not. It’s saying because you only live once you should do anything and everything you can, and that is  very dangerous! The Bible teaches us in Proverbs chapter 22 & verse 15  part A that “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child”. So in other words kids are already going to be kids and do silly things and maybe not always make the best choices. Children are dealing with peer pressure, puberty, school work, and really just trying figure themselves out: for society and rappers telling children to get out there and basically do what you want is absolutely the wrong thing to do. As parents, teachers, role models and adults, we are to be active in children's lives helping guide them the right way from our experience and life lessons to help make them better so the cycle can continue with every generation getting better & better. Life is known to be a hard teacher and without proper guidance from those that have been there, done that, life will be the way that most young people learn. Many times this is how young ladies have kids before marriage, and often become single parents. While many boys think being hard and running the streets is the way, they end up behind bars and often times things don't get better unless you finally decided to give your life to God, but why go through and experience difficult things that you don’t have to. ( full plan of salvation Acts 2:38) Young people obey your parent. Parents it’s time to step up, you play a key role in whether your child fails or succeeds.

What Better Time Than Now?/ What Are You Waiting On? Before reading this section please refer to your bible and read Ecclesiastes 12:1 & Mark 10:14-16. Looking at Ecclesiastes 12:1 it’s important to realize God wants to save all of us, and feel each of us with his Holy Spirit as young and as soon as possible. We all have the choice to make on whether or not we will allow him to do so. Jesus died for each and every person alive, no matter what you’ve done God can save you. Weather you have been the son or daughter that has given your parents and teachers a hard time, trying to find a way on your own and just wanting to have fun, party and hangout with friends, or even if you're the parent that has not been a part of your child's life and been struggling with some things of your own, there is no better time then now! The time for excuses and running is up Philippians 4:13 lets us know through Jesus we can do all things. If you believe I declare God will do it for you today! God wants to use each of us at a young age in life, but the enieme wants to destroy us at a young age meaning cause us to make life altering decisions that we may have to live with the rest of our lives. Looking at Mark 10:14-16 I must first say that this scripture is not saying if you don't get saved as a child God won’t save you, no, no, no, but it is saying after God comes into your life and you receive His Spirit with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues, it takes time to grow, and understand God’s word, it takes time to build your prayer life. You are as a child in this spiritual sense that you're learning how to live saved and Holy as God would have us all to be. It takes coming to church faithfully, it take praying everyday, reading your bible, fasting, and through these things you will grow spiritually and learn to be a good parents, husbands wives, sons, and daughters. The sooner you can receive God in your life the easier life can be because your faith can be in Him and his word that has to come to pass.

You Have Everything To Gain and To Lose 1. Thessalonians 5:15-18 these verses of scriptures refer what things will be like during the rapture for those of who are saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and lived our lives right. As I stated before young people, God wants to use you to do many great things at a young age, but the enemy wants to destroy your life at a young age. God can give you the power to resist temptation, to save your purity for marriage, to keep you from drugs and fights, these things are immature and profit you nothing. To the parents that are still trying to get it right, it’s not late, there is nothing wrong with apologizing to your children. Maybe they have heard you use profanity or seen you do drugs or anything that is wrong. Apologize and let them see you doing the right thing so you can hold them accountable for doing the right thing as well. Pray together share life lessons and keep the line of communication open between yourself and your child so you can be the help the need. Most importantly go to church together and get saved, by giving your life to Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, believe God for his spirit and the evidence speaking in tongues.

Inspired and lead by the Holy Spirit,

Tray Claiborn