"Waiting" by Evangelist LaShaunda Claiborn


It would be a rhetorical question if I were to ask have you ever had to wait on God?  I’m sure any one of us would boldly answer YES! Waiting on God could be ranked as one of the most difficult things that we are called to do. Notice the words “called to do”.  Whenever God calls us to do something, He also equips us with the ability to do so. When the time comes to wait, God gives us grace that is sufficient.  He supplies us with His Word. He grants us permission to come boldly before His throne.  He gives us room to praise His name. He allows us to draw nigh unto Him.  He strengthens our mind. He renews our strength. He humbles us. He blesses us. He prepares us. He fills our cup. He stretches our faith. He gives us Joy unspeakable. He restores our soul and so much more. From that perspective, waiting should always be viewed as a blessing from God. Because God shows up on time all of the time. 

While you are waiting, allow yourself to remain steadfast and focused. Then watch God come through and blow your mind!