We need the church & the church needs you

We Need The Church & The Church Needs You!

Scripture- Hebrews 10:25. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Why We Need the Church:

One good look at yourself, society, and anyone else you know that maybe struggling in life with something, it then becomes apparent why we need the church. This writing is for those who may think church is only for the saved andthose that already have themselves together, for those who think you don't need to be in church for several hours or multiple times in a week & for those who may feel as though you have no place or call in the church. My prayer is that you receive whatever it is GOD may have for you!

The Church is like our Spiritual gas station and mechanic. The cars we drive on the day to day bases require many different things to be maintained in good working conditions, especially older cars which is what I would like to first draw our attention to. If you drive an older vehicle mechanics will often tell you it's very important to be sure you get your oil changed on time. If you do not, your car will begin to have engine issues and not driving smoothly and not long after not working at all. Along with consistent oil changes there are many other maintenance responsibilities a owner of a older car will have, such as you will likely need a transmission flush, radiator flush, alignment, just to name a few things. You also will need gas in your vehicle, no matter when you buy your vehicle, who you bought it from or how much gas you may of started with in your vehicle, if your driving that vehicle you will soon undoubtedly need gas. As I said church is like our gas station and you need gas to keep your car going. In other words we need to hear the Word of God being preached to us at church, we need the strength that comes from it and being among the people of God. Spiritually we are like the older vehicle. After we get what we need from church(gas station), it doesn't just stop there, there's more work to be done(Vehicle Maintenance). We have to pray if we want to stay, we have to fast if we want to last, deny ourselves love our enemies, evangelize, live Holy etc. In order for us to be able to do these things and learn and grow in God, it takes coming to church. This is just the way God made it to be (1Corinthians 1:21) it takes whatever it takes for each individual. Now I would like to bring your attention new vehicles and the difference. New vehicles are now made so much more efficiently than in years past so that the owners have to make less & less trips as possible to any mechanic and even any gas station. Many new vehicles are made to be more fuel efficient so you can save money and go longer without needing gas. others have a system that will tell you how many miles you have until you're empty on gas and even if you run out of gas they can bring you gas where you are. New vehicles are also made so you can go longer without oil changes some as long as 6months. So as you can see this is totally different from the maintenance needed for older vehicles. New vehicles maintenance and needs don't compare to us spiritually as older vehicles do but rather they compare to the enemies very plan to get each of us out of church however he can. God’s Word is life and it is POWERFUL, the devil knows this and if he can get us away from church where the Word is being preached & taught we will become spiritually weak and will stop growing and progressing just like a car without gas can't go anywhere, that's how we would be. Be NOT deceived my brother & my sister, God is yet working in the church, distractions have come your way to cause you to be discouraged by the church and to make you believe everyone in the church is bad. The enemy knows if he can stop you from going to your spiritual gas station & mechanic your spiritual engine and battery will not last very long on this journey called life. What you need is in God's house, healing deliverance, forgiveness, love fellowship and so much more. WE NEED THE CHURCH!!!

Why The Church Needs You:

The Church is meant to be a representation of God on earth, in the lives of the lost we are to be a light, a difference should be seen and easily recognized in us. The Church needs you because God has a purpose for each of us and as long as you are not saved and living for God, that means you are outside of his purpose for your life. We have all been given gifts, talents and abilities that God desires us to use for his glory and to help further his kingdom. The decision is up to you and I on if we will do that or not. There is only one you and nobody can do what you do like you do. There's a special place for you in the body of Christ and if you're not there then the body of Christ is lacking. God gave His all for you and I when he died for our sins. Let us not do anything half heartedly for him. No matter if we have the ability to sing,dance, write, draw, create, athletic,speaking, play the organ, piano, drums, guitar, flute, or any instrument, whatever it is you are gifted in & have a passion do it for God give your all in it. If that doesn't motivate you, just think about the fact that there is somebody out there meant to get saved because of something God has given you to do or wants to use to tell someone and if you're not obedient to God and using your gifts, someone else may never come to know Jesus. Many people want the glory and shine that seems to come from being a preacher in the pulpit, but God is looking & in need of some people that just wants to do all they can for Him. There is a great work that needs to be done in in this world, it must begin with those of us that are saved and know Jesus as our LORD and savior, it begins with prayer. Pray with us and pray for us, the body of Christ!

God bless you!!!
Brother Tray Claiborn